We envisions a world where people drive high performance cars powered by clean energy sources; a world where we wake up every morning feeling rejuvenated by the purity of the air around us; a world where we lead a healthy and productive life in an economy fueled by clean energy.


Our mission is to create an environment where Plug-in-Hybrid and Electric Vehicle is the transportation of choice for auto buyers.

Management Team

Raj Chowdhury

CEO | MS Tufts University | MBA Santa Clara University

About Raj

Raj is an entrepreneur with experience in the semiconductor, automobile and aerospace companies. HeĀ founded companies in the area of Innovative Electronic Materials and Digital Mapping.

Sumit Patankar

COO | MS Kansas State University | MBA Santa Clara University

About Sumit

Sumit Patankar is an expert in Operations Management with experience in some of most admired companies in the Silicon Valley. He is a pioneer in setting up one the earliest supply chains in Asia for Applied Materials and an inventor of the concept of Merge-in-Transit.

Dr. Haris Doumanidis

Chief Technologist | PhD, MIT

About Dr. Haris

Dr. Haris Doumanidis is an Adviser at Honda R&D Americas, Former professor at MIT, Founding director at NSF, and former Chief Scientist at Axcelis corporation.